Facing Life’s Challenges by Dr. TRK

Life itself is a series of challenges, whether large or small. How do we habitually respond to daily life? Do we easily panic and become frantic, or do we stay positive and energetic? Do we make small problems big, or do we make big problems small and dissolve them into nothing? How we face the normal events of each day is generally how we will face the bigger challenges.

Let’s look at some of the qualities of people who become negative and panic versus people who respond positively and energetically. Panicky people don’t have control over their mental energies. Because their minds are unfocused, they exaggerate events. Their confusion complicates things and even small challenges appear to be big problems. They usually react emotionally to situations, so they easily become irritable, anxious, and excitable. Because of their emotionality, people who panic are often undependable and are unable to take appropriate action.

Negative people make everything a problem. They generate an incredible amount of mental and physical stress. When anything comes up that disturbs their comfort zone, they think and say things like, “It’s too difficult. I can’t do it. I never did it before. I don’t know how. Why is this happening to me?”

Succumbing to negative emotional states creates nothing but more negative reactions, such as jealousy, hatred, blame, fear, and depression. That helps neither us, the situation, nor the people around us. The moment negative emotions hit us, we have to see the urgency of generating some positive energies, instead, and start doing something good for the environment and others.

If we are often frantic, we should ask ourselves if we have the habit of procrastinating. Procrastinating itself contributes to a frantic mind. How? If we habitually postpone doing what needs to be done–whether in our physical surroundings, our health, our relationships, or whatever–neglect eventually catches up with us. If we are not used to taking timely action and life finally forces us to get things done, we can easily become frantic and filled with worries.

We cannot afford to be frantic. There is nothing, great or small, that is worth getting nervous or agitated over. Rather than creating mental problems, we should deal with life both energetically and peacefully. That is why we need to make a practice of always keeping our mind focused on consciousness and taking care of things on time, both big and small. By training ourselves to have a clear vision of the consequences of our actions (or non-actions), we can stay ten steps ahead. Then we won’t become nervous or frantic as we face our day, no matter what arises.

If we want to successfully face life’s challenges, we need a positive mindset, based on wisdom. With our minds focused, balanced, and aware, we can respond to any situation or challenge from that state. By perceiving and acting through clear perception and wisdom, rather than through feelings, we can objectively size up a situation in the moment and set right energy in motion.

Creative and positive people never buckle under when a challenge arises, or hesitate to do what needs to be done. They have the attitude that each challenge which comes is cajoling them to wake up. It is telling them that the problem that seems so difficult is nothing if they are resourceful. By taking initiative to facilitate or fix a situation, they simplify life for themselves and others.

We, too, can have the confidence to tap into our inner inspiration. We have to say to ourselves, “Accentuate the positives and forget the negatives. Focus on uplifting thoughts and doing something good.”

The life which is not useful, positive, and contributing is wasted. We don’t want to waste this precious gift of life. So, if we spend all of our energy in positivity, we won’t have any energy left for negativity or self pity. By seeing life’s challenges as positive pinpricks, like acupuncture– stimulating, not pain-inducing–we can creatively and inspiringly face each day.

We should make our motto: “Think in positives, act in positives, and live in positives.” With this kind of attitude we will always say to ourselves, “Nothing is a problem. I will see every problem which comes as a challenge. So let the challenges come!”


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