“All Of Me”

Hi Earthlings:) I’m Adven Shella Tan Espartero Antiquando.I was born on October 16th year 1994. I’m the only princess in the family. I grew up with my grandparents, I’m so ” lolas girl” . When I was in elementary years I walked and dressed like a boy. But when I was in high school I decided to change my boyish habbit. I start to join beauty pageants and modelling .I was the Campus queen ,Editor in Chief and Science Club president . I graduated in High school as class valedictorian I was given an award of exellence as well by our Philippine vice president.

Though I’m a product of a broken family I prove to people that it’s only my family that is broken and not me.

College days where really days to be remembered. I took Education as my course. When I was in first year college I was crowned as “Miss Education ” the next year I participated Miss NORSU and awarded as Miss Perfect Smile and Peoples Choice.On thesame year I was crowned as “Miss Canlaon Pasayaw” . I choose English and literature as my specialization when I was in second year . I was awarded as well as the best female model during our founders day celebration. When I was in the last year of my college I was crowned as the Miss Acquintance and that was my last title as a beauty queen. I graduated last 2015 with a degree in Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English and Literature. A month after I got married to my long time lover ,Bernie Jay Antiquando. Last July 2015 I gave birth to my first baby ,I named her Alexis Braieanven. On the same year I was hired at Smiles on demand as Customer Service Representative and as company’s Image Model.

Being a working mom and a wife is really a very challenging role very fullfilling at thesame time.

” It is us who make our own destiny”


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